Colossyan - AI Video Creator

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The AI video platform for workplace learning. Create videos from text with AI avatars. Drive outcomes with interactivity. Translate with the click of a button.
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General product description
What is a basic overview of what your AI product does?

Colossyan is an AI video platform that enables users to generate videos from text with AI avatars, drive outcomes with interactive content, and translate videos with a single click. The platform offers features such as customizable avatars, speech-to-text, and machine learning algorithms to help businesses create high-quality videos at scale. Additionally, it allows users to collaborate seamlessly, streamline production, and localize content with ease. With Colossyan, users can achieve more with their video content.

In simple terms, what are the main uses of your AI product?

The AI video platform for workplace learning offered by Colossyan has various uses, including: Creating training videos from text with AI avatars to reduce production costs and speed up time to value. Updating and localizing studio-quality video content in multiple languages with just a few clicks. Driving learning outcomes by producing effective learning content that helps employees understand topics better and quicker. Leveling up business messaging to maximum effectiveness.

Are there any situations where your AI product should not be used?

The AI video platform for workplace learning should not be used in situations where the content generated may be harmful, unethical, racist, sexist, toxic, or illegal. Users should exercise caution and adhere to ethical standards when utilizing AI-generated videos to ensure that they align with their company's values and do not perpetuate harmful content. It is also important to verify the accuracy of the information and to give proper attribution to sources when necessary.

Are there any risks we should know about when using your products?

While our AI video platform offers numerous benefits for workplace learning, there are certain risks users should be aware of. These risks include: 1) Technical issues, such as compatibility problems with certain software or hardware, and 2) Data privacy concerns, as the platform processes and stores user data. To mitigate these risks, users should carefully evaluate the platform's technical capabilities and ensure that it is compliant with relevant data protection regulations.

Data handling and AI model information
Do you use our data to improve your AI models?

Where do you store the data we give you?

Is your product based in the cloud or installed directly on our systems?

Do you work with any other companies to run your AI product? How do they use our data?

Could other companies access the AI models trained with our data?

Who owns the results or output that your AI product creates?

Integration, customization, and scalability
How easily can your AI product work with our existing systems?

Are there any special requirements for using your AI product?

Can we customize your AI product to fit our specific needs?

Can your AI product handle increasing amounts of data or changing requirements?

Support and training
What kind of help and learning resources do you offer to make the most of your AI product?

Security and compliance
What security measures do you have for your AI product?

How do you ensure your product meets privacy and security standards?

How do you handle changes in policies from other AI services you use?

What are your procedures for dealing with serious problems or errors in your product?

Do you have insurance for legal issues related to your product?

Transparency and accountability
How open and clear is your AI system about how it works and makes decisions?

Can you explain in plain language how your AI system reaches decisions?

Is there a way for people to supervise or check on what your AI system is doing?

AI system technicalities and performance
What methods and types of data do you use to teach your AI system?

Are you legally allowed to use the data for training your AI system?

How do you make sure your AI system is accurate and fair?

Are there ways to test and prove how well your AI product works?

Does your AI system keep records of its activities?

Product capabilities and limitations
Can you describe how different parts of your AI system work together?

What kind of data and processes do you use to build and improve your AI system?

Models we use
Release date:
Sep 12, 2023
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Sep 12, 2023
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